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A Charlotte Social Security Disability Attorney Discusses Lay Witness Selection for Disability Hearings

| Jan 31, 2017 | Uncategorized |


Your Charlotte Social Security disability attorney knows that almost every claim proceeding to a Social Security hearing will need effective lay (or non-expert) witnesses. In fact, the testimony given by your lay witnesses during your hearing may well decide whether or not your claim is approved. Therefore, obtaining lay witnesses who can give compelling, straightforward and sincere testimony is crucial.

Obtaining Effective Witnesses

Your Charlotte Social Security disability attorney will advise you that it is not necessary for all your family and friends to give testimony. Instead, your lawyer will help you select those witnesses who will be able to corroborate your testimony and possibly even add helpful information. Typically, the witnesses most commonly used include your spouse, your children (usually those who are adults), your close friends and possibly other relatives.

Screen Witnesses

You and your Charlotte Social Security disability attorney will need to carefully screen each witness. All potential witnesses who do not possess firsthand knowledge pertaining to the case, do not have a desire to testify, cannot express themselves effectively, or think too highly of themselves, should be eliminated.

In many cases, the only individuals able to give beneficial testimony are close friends and family members. This can present a problem since the administrative law judge (ALJ) may believe their testimony is not as objective as that given by others less connected to you, such as co-workers, neighbors, or members belonging to a professional, hobby or church group. Therefore, your Charlotte Social Security disability lawyer may advise you to try to obtain witnesses from these groups that the ALJ might view as significantly more objective.

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The legal expertise your Charlotte Social Security disability attorney can provide regarding the selection of lay witnesses may benefit your case. To schedule a free consultation with a competent and experienced disability attorney, please contact the law offices of Bridgman Law Offices by calling (704) 815-6055.

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