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Your denial letter contains important information that will help your North Carolina disability attorney piece together the puzzle of your case

The Bridgman Law Offices can advise you on the options. Here is some info that can help direct you toward your next course of action.

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Delays can jeopardize the status of your entire case. Contact our Charlotte Social Security Disability attorney at Bridgman Law Offices at (704)815-6055.

Greensboro Social Security Disability Attorney Discusses the Power of a Doctor's Letter

St.-Petersburg-nursing-home-abuse-lawyers.pngIf your medical condition is severe enough to apply for Social Security benefits, contact your Greensboro Social Security disability attorney for assistance in your case. Navigating through the Social Security Administration (SSA) can be intimidating, however your Greensboro Social Security disability attorney will help you through every step of your case. The following will answer the question about whether a letter from your doctor may help your disability case with the SSA. If you have any further questions about your case, contact your Greensboro Social Security disability attorney for assistance. 


ontact our disability law firm in Greensboro, NC, if you have questions about your SSD case. You can reach the Bridgman Law Offices at (704) 815-6055Charlotte-social-security-disability-appeals-attorney1-300x203.jpg.

Greensboro Disability Social Security Disability Claims Law Firm Discusses Social Security Benefits and Retirement

victims-rights-lawyer.jpgIf you are looking to file for Social Security benefits, it is best to first schedule a consultation with your Greensboro disability Social Security disability claims law firm. Receiving retirement benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA) is something that every tax paying American is entitled to once they reach the age for retirement. However, with the recent changes in the economy, Social Security retirement benefits are changing. The following is information from your Greensboro disability Social Security disability claims law firm about how the Social Security benefits process works and how you may be impacted by the changes. 

Our Charlotte Social Security Disability Attorney Discusses Diabetes Mellitus Disability Claims

Gavel-and-Book-2-300x200.jpgOur Charlotte Social Security disability attorneys regularly encounter claimants who suffer from diabetes or complications associated with the disease. In many cases we are able to help our clients secure the benefits they are entitled to. However, diabetes mellitus claims raise many unique challenges, and your Charlotte Social Security disability attorney should have a proven record of success with these types of cases. 

How Disability Lawyers in Greensboro NC Can Use Opinion Statements

Charlotte-social-security-disability-appeals-attorney-249x300.jpgAccording to our disability lawyers in Greensboro NC, an opinion statement from your physician can be an important part of your disability claim. Reports from your doctors about their opinions regarding your diagnosis, current and recommended treatment, as well as any functional limitations (which is simply what work you're still able to perform), may be submitted to the Social Security Administration. Reports such as these can be very helpful to your claim. In some cases, an opinion that complies with Social Security Administration requirements could be required to be used as the controlling medical opinion in your case. 

Disability Lawyers in Greensboro NC Discuss Prescribed Medical Treatment

Charlotte-social-security-disability-claims-lawyer-300x200.jpgDisability lawyers in Greensboro NC agree that Social Security disability benefit claimants who fail to cooperate with their doctors and follow their prescribed medical treatments may pay a penalty of denial of their claims for "treatment noncompliance," which can support findings that they could work if they took their medicine, had the surgery, or otherwise followed the treatment plans prescribed by their treating doctors. For this reason, it is important for claimants to follow their prescribed courses of treatment to the extent possible to avoid this disqualification issue. 

FAQs About Disability Laws in Columbia

iStock_000045837134_Smaller-300x200.jpgUnderstanding the disability laws in Columbia will help you to be better prepared for your Social Security Disability hearing. Often times if you have never been through a Social Security Disability hearing then you will be wondering what to expect. The following are frequently asked questions that may help to better prepare you for your hearing. 

Columbia Disability Lawyer Answers FAQs about Medical Forms

Doctor-Discussing-Medicine-in-His-Clinic-With-a-Patient-300x225.jpgThroughout every phase of your Social Security Disability case, your Columbia disability lawyer will be advising you of what to expect next. The following are frequently asked questions about forms and your medical records during a Social Security disability hearing. If you have any further questions about forms or medical records for your hearing, contact your Columbia disability lawyer.

Columbia Disability Attorneys Discuss Attending Your Social Security Hearing

Ocala-disability-attorney-300x199.jpgIf you applied for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits and a hearing is pending, you likely have questions and concerns regarding what to expect at the hearing. The Bridgman Law Offices, Columbia disability attorneys, address some common issues regarding SSD hearings.

12 Month Duration Requirement

For more information about the 12 month duration requirement, contact a Charlotte disability lawyer by calling Bridgman Law Offices at (704)-815-6055.


unnamed-205x300.jpgGreensboro disability lawyers will help you understand how your medical history will be viewed when you file a claim seeking benefits. In some cases, the medical history will be clear with information from medical professionals, hospitals, and anyone who has taken part in your care and treatment. In other cases, it is necessary for your attorney to make certain that the judge will receive all the information in the exhibit file. 


If you have applied for disability, or if you are considering applying, Greensboro disability lawyers may be able to help you through the process. Determining whether you are eligible for disability is one way they may be able to help. The Social Security Administration has specific guidelines in place for determining eligibility for disability benefits. 

Columbia SC Social Security Attorneys on the Testimony at your Disability Hearing

If your disability case is going to trial, be sure to have your Columbia SC Social Security attorneys by your side to assist you in the process. Having your Social security attorney go over the process with you will help you to better understand what to expect from the hearing and how you should respond during your testimony.

Why Your Claim For Social Security Disability Benefits Could Be Denied In Error

A surprisingly high number of initial disability applications are rejected; the denial rate has consistently been between 60 and 65 percent over the past 20 years. Despite these numbers, many of those applicants who follow through and pursue the appeal process are often pleased to learn they are awarded benefits at the administrative hearing phase. One explanation for this discrepancy may be found in how the primary evidence the Social Security Administration evaluates is presented by a disability applicant. 

Working with Your Greensboro Social Security Disability Law Office on Your Claim

Lakeland-Social-Security-Attorney.jpgBridgman Law Offices is a Greensboro Social Security Disability law office that understands the intricacies of submitting a claim for disability benefits. The Social Security Administration requires complete and thorough medical evidence that the claimant actually suffers from the medical issues that are the basis for the filing. This means that they will work with the claimant in as many ways as possible to compile a comprehensive list of medical issues. Some claimants file based on one particular major health issue, but the truth is that most claimants have multiple health issues that impact their total inability to perform physical work in an employment situation. The medical evidence is vital because the real issue with a disability determination is the claimant's inability to earn an income. Our Greensboro Social Security disability law office deals with this process daily on a professional level and can help you get your case established from the very beginning of the claim. 

A Charlotte Social Security Disability Attorney Discusses Lay Witness Selection for Disability Hearings

WitnessYour Charlotte Social Security disability attorney knows that almost every claim proceeding to a Social Security hearing will need effective lay (or non-expert) witnesses. In fact, the testimony given by your lay witnesses during your hearing may well decide whether or not your claim is approved. Therefore, obtaining lay witnesses who can give compelling, straightforward and sincere testimony is crucial.

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