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If you suffer from back pain and wish to obtain disability benefits, our Greensboro Social Security disability attorney may be able to help you. For example, disability lawyers in Greensboro NC may be able to help you understand what medical imaging can and cannot do for you. Back injuries are actually the most common type of condition for Social Security applicants to seek benefits for. The most common back problem is lower back pain. The challenge for back pain cases is that it can be difficult to balance subjective claims and objective evidence. There is a general consensus among physicians that X-rays are often inefficient at showing painful and disruptive symptoms.


The Social Security Administration actually recognizes that there is not a strong relationship between X-ray findings and joint function. Nonetheless, it is common for SSA judges to deny a valid disability claim simply because the X-ray does not seem consistent with subjective claims of pain. Your disability lawyers in Greensboro NC may be able to help you challenge this. An ALJ will often view a lack of limited movement in the lumbar region as grounds for denying your claims of lower back pain. In reality, there is little evidence that lumbar range of motion has any effect on residual functional capacity. In fact, some studies have found that people without any back impairment have a wide range of lumbar motion, meaning that it is not always a good indicator of pain. Lumbar motion is affected by gender, age and even the time of day you are tested. Spinal stability is more important when it comes to performing everyday activities than your ability to bend over. While ALJs sometimes use lumbar motion as an excuse to deny lower back pain claims, you still have options. Your disability attorney may ask your doctor to explain to the ALJ why his or her findings support the diagnosis you received and also support a limited RFC rating.

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