Our disability lawyers in Greensboro NC can explain that many claimants wind up having to testify at a disability hearing as part of the appeals process. This is an important moment in your case because it allows you to humanize the case for the first time. In order to make the most of your testimony, follow these tips from disability lawyers in Greensboro NC.


The first thing that Greensboro disability lawyers may advise their clients is to be prepared for the hearing. Claimants should be familiar with the common areas of discussion at such hearings, including the claimant's work history and education. Additionally, the claimant should be familiar with his or her own medical history regarding the disability, along with the symptoms he or she has experienced. He or she should also be able to explain how the disability affects his or her ability to work and limits other life activities.


At the disability hearing, your credibility is critical. If you lie or exaggerate symptoms, the judge may not believe anything that you say about other topics. Do not attempt to anticipate where the judge is going with his or her questions and adapt your answers. Simply remember to be honest and provide an answer that clearly addresses the question. Do not try to dramatize the situation by crying or expressing more pain than you are actually in. However, if you do feel physically uncomfortable during the hearing such as by sitting for too long, feel free to ask the judge for a break. If you do not know an answer, our Greensboro disability lawyers will usually advise you to say so. In some situations, it may be acceptable to provide an approximate answer, such as when discussing dates.


Disability lawyers in Greensboro NC can explain that the disability hearing is your chance to express to the judge in your own words why you should receive disability benefits. You need to be able to clearly explain how your disability prevents you from keeping a job. For this reason, it is usually not best to give very short answers. Instead, you need to provide details regarding your condition, its symptoms and its effect of limiting your work and daily activities. For these reasons, you must provide facts and details that truly allow the judge to understand your medical condition and its effect on your life.

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