A Greensboro Social Security disability attorney knows how confusing the process of applying for Social Security benefits can be. It is especially important that you understand this process, especially how the administrative law judge determines whether or not you are disabled. Being equipped with this information now can help you better prepare for your case.judge


While it seems completely relevant, an administrative law judge is not interested in how difficult it has been for you to get a job. You may believe that if you can prove that your medical condition has led to your continued unemployment that you will win the case. However, this belief is not well-founded. Instead, disability cases are based on hypotheticals, rather than the real-world problem of you not having a job. Our Greensboro Social Security disability attorney can explain that the administrative law judge assesses whether you are physically and mentally completing a particular job if you were offered it. Again, it does not matter if this hypothetical employer likely would not hire you.


However, you must also be prepared to prove why you cannot perform certain work. This includes any work that you have completed in which you received substantial income during the last 15 years. Be prepared to discuss how your medical impairment or impairments prevents you from getting a job. Even if an administrative law judge agrees that you are unable to perform your past relevant work, you may still lose. You must also show that there are not many jobs available to people of your same age, experience and education level. Again, this line of questioning will put you back in the hypothetical world. The judge must agree with you that there are not many jobs available for people with your characteristics in order for you to receive benefits at this level.


While the threshold may seem high, our Greensboro Social Security disability attorney can explain that you do not have to be completely disabled to receive benefits.

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