BlogDisability lawyers in Greensboro NC see the pain that Social Security claimants face every day when dealing with debilitating conditions. However, the problem with this particular symptom is its subjective nature. The Social Security Administration reviews complaints of pain a specific process.


Disability lawyers in Greensboro NC can explain that the first step that the Social Security Administration representatives determine is whether the claimant has a medically determinable impairment that can reasonably be expected to cause pain.


The next step that the representatives take is to determine the intensity and persistence of the claimant's pain. They then compare this information to how this can limit the claimant's ability to work. In order to make this determination, disability lawyers in Greensboro NC explain that representatives consider a claimant's medical records, history and personal statements. They also review statements made by treating doctors, examining doctors and other individuals familiar with the claimant.


Disability lawyers in Greensboro NC can also explain that representatives from the Social Security Administration evaluate a number of factors when evaluating complaints of pain. These factors include the claimant's daily activities, the precipitating stimuli, statements regarding the duration, frequency, location and intensity of the claimant's pain, treatment that the claimant has received for the pain and its effect on the pain, the medication that the claimant has taken to treat the pain and any other methods that the claimant has utilized in order to help relieve symptoms of pain.


One of the ways that Social Security Administration representatives determine whether accounts regarding pain are credible is to evaluate the consistency of the claimant's statements. The decision maker can base his or her assessment of a claimant's credibility by considering the complete case record. Additionally, the decision maker does not have to assume that a claimant is not being honest simply because he or she claims to experience more pain than other claimants have expressed in other cases he or she has evaluated.

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