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If you are working on your disability matter with a Greensboro Social Security disability attorney, one of the considerations they will likely address with you is the concept of substantial gainful activity, especially if you are currently working. The Social Security Administration may determine that you are disabled even if you currently have a job under certain conditions. If this scenario applies to you, your Greensboro Social Security disability lawyer is likely to evaluate your work and the amount of money you earn to determine the likelihood of your success.


Your Greensboro Social Security disability lawyer will begin by evaluating the work that you are doing. If the work you perform qualifies as substantial gainful activity under the Social Security Administration's guidelines, you will not qualify for disability even if your condition is very disabling for you. You will be denied for social security benefits if your work is considered substantial and gainful. Substantial work is work you perform that requires you to exert significant mental or physical effort. Even if your job requires this ability, you may still be considered not to be performing substantial work if you need more assistance from others than do other similarly situated employees. Your work may also not be considered substantial if it is of a type that requires very few demands of you or is one that doesn't significantly benefit your employer. Gainful work is simply work that is completed to make a profit or a paycheck. If you work for another person, the agency will look at how much you earn to determine whether or not the work you perform is considered to be gainful. The Social Security Administration has specific monthly income limits that specify whether work is automatically considered to be gainful. If you earn more than that amount, your application will be denied. In some cases, you may be determined to be ineligible for disability benefits if the work you are able to perform is considered substantial but not gainful. An example would be if you were able to perform heavy work for a few hours per week but didn't earn enough at the job for your employment to be considered to be gainful. When you meet with your lawyer, they will first determine the gross amount you earn from your job. They will then apply certain deductions to that amount that are allowed by the Social Security Administration. If it appears that your condition should qualify and your work doesn't appear to be substantial and gainful activity, your lawyer may then agree to represent you and fight for you to recover.

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